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Friday, April 11, 2008

Assistance for Aloha/Skybus/ATA employees, the on-line aviation job placement service for aviation is offering its assistance to displaced Aloha/Skybus/ATA employees. AviaNation is offering free resume posting in its applicant database, as well as free access to their world-wide job aviation job postings.

"Out hearts go out to these loyal employee groups who, through no fault of their own, now find themselves out on the street" says Tim Kirkwood, representative. "We average 20-30 new job postings on our site every day, and we want to make these available to any Aloha/Skybus/ATA employee. Recruiters can search our database of applicants for free, and locate any Aloha/Skybus/ATA employee who utilizes our free resume posting service."

Job seekers can get an idea of the quality of jobs we get on our site, clicking on "Free Jobs" in the links at the bottom of our home page, or by this direct link:

Aloha/Skybus/ATA employees and post their resume for free on our homepage at by clicking on 'Free Service' in the FOR JOB SEEKERS box, or via the direct link is also working with the Aloha/Skybus/ATA unions to assist their members.