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Saturday, August 30, 2014

How NOT to get hired by an airline

Lately, when I've been posting open Flight Attendant jobs on social media, I've been finding more and more people responding in the comments section with statements such as, "I'm interested, contact me" or "Look at my profile".

Quite frankly, you might as well kiss your chances of getting hired, goodbye.

In my case, I'm not the employer, just someone passing along the job openings as I learn of them, and all the information is listed in the job posting.

If it were an employer posting the job openings, you need to be more proactive in responding. Airlines and Corporate Flight Operations HR departments don't have time to click to your web page and look at your qualifications. You're just spinning your wheels.

To be effective, you need to respond directly to the employer via the method they indicate in their posting. If they give an e-mail address, send your resume and a short cover letter to that address. If they give a website link, go directly to that website and enter your application information there.

Don't wait for an employer to find you. Go to them and let them know all the reasons they should be hiring you.


Blogger robin hood said...

You’ve put enormous insights about the topic here, continue the good work!

11:38 PM

Blogger Daddy Dman said...

Male to apply for a Flight Attendant? What are the Chances of a Male getting a Job?
I'm currently unemployed, and looking for a job. I'm great in customer service positions. I love people, and always love helping people. I always wanted to see the world. Only thing tying me down uptil now, I'm a single father of elementary kids, but they see their mother as much as me, we're just divorced! My own personal issues... i'm facing eviction from apt... and thought, what If I get a FA job, as I always wanted to, but never could after having kids. They would spend more time with their mom, but atleast would have a more permanent home with her, and I would get them when I'm home!

So I'm wondering... is it a feasible job for a Male to become a Flight Attendant? Can it be done? I see and hear about most FA's, or almost all, are females. Why is it so shy for Males? Cause Females look better? Of course they do, but we still need Males helping on planes aswell. So what would I need to know going in to apply for a Flight Attendant position?

6:04 PM


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