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Monday, May 18, 2009

AviaNation Reaches Out to Displaced Airline Personnel Worldwide

AviaNation Reaches Out to Displaced Airline Personnel Worldwide

While airlines around the world are shutting down and laying off workers, AviaNation is reaching out to help displaced airline employees locate new positions in the industry by granting free access to its world wide database of job postings.

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) -- In response to financial turmoil that has gripped the global aviation industry, leading airline job firm AviaNation is opening up its database of job postings to airline personnel around the world. Job seekers can post their resumes on the website for free as well as access thousands of current international job positions.

For the second time in a decade, there is turbulence in the field of aviation. In 2001, massive layoffs resulted after 9/11. Airlines downsized and underwent bankruptcy protection as passengers stayed home out of fear and uncertainty.

Five years on, the rising price of petroleum delivered another severe blow to the industry. In the US, Aloha Airlines, Trans Air, Champion Air, Eos, Maxjet, and Skybus have all shut down operations and released thousands of employees into an already slumped job market. LAvion in France has done the same, Air Canada is closing crew bases, Alitalia is in bankruptcy, and Indian and Asian airlines are experiencing comparable pressure.

According to Tim Kirkwood of, finding a job in todays precarious airline industry is challenging.

We have been in online aviation job placement for over 15 years, and we know how hard it can be to find an aviation career in an environment such as we have today," he says.

Our responsibility is two-fold: to provide the most and best jobs for our members, and to provide sufficient applications to our member companies in order to ensure that they continue to post their openings on our website."

Job searchers have free access to position listings two weeks after they are posted on, giving paid members first read. However, many of these jobs remain active long after being posted.

Additionally, job seekers can post their resumes on the website for free, thus allowing any company around the world that searches the database to see applicants resumes and contact them directly.

AviaNation does not come between the applicant and company during the hiring process, nor do they take money from either the employer or applicant once a hire has been made. AviaNations entire revenue stream comes from active members who pay to see jobs within two weeks of their original posting, as well as additional search enhancements. Consequently, these tend to be the motivated applicants that employers look for.

Employers are also able to register and post their aviation job openings for free on the website. In doing so, employers have the ability to ask pre-screening questions, post blind ads, and even simultaneously post on their companys own employment web page.

Recently, AviaNation reached a milestone in their membership with 1,700 paying job seekers and nearly 60,000 members taking advantage of the free search option.

To view AviaNations posted jobs, please visit or simply click on the FREE JOBS link at the bottom of the homepage at

Applicants seeking to post their resumes can access the resume input form at or by clicking on Free Services" in the FOR JOB SEEKERS box on the home page.

ABOUT AVIANATION.COM: is one of the premier job posting web sites for pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and all other aviation jobs. With their world-wide database of companies posting jobs, and 54,000 resumes from around the globe, AviaNation is the one-stop location for an aviation career.

ABOUT TIM KIRKWOOD: Tim has been an aviation professional for over 30 years, active in aviation job placement for over 15 years, and is the author of The Flight Attendant Job Finder & Career Guide, a career guide book for US and Canadian flight attendants- now in it's third edition.

Contact information:

Tim Kirkwood

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Airline Expansion And Recruitment For 2010

By Flightdeck Consulting

With the global economic crisis seemingly a distant memory, airlines around the world are positioning themselves for dominance, both regionally and on a global level.

In the Middle East, the big three, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways, for years a source of lucrative employment for expatriate pilots, cabin crew and engineers, have orders totaling a massive 430 wide bodies alone. Further south in the Pacific Rim orders are a respectable 240 airframes.

And then there is Abu Dhabi, home to eight percent of the world’s oil reserves comes an emerging super airline in the form of Etihad Airways. Etihad faces the daunting prospect of crewing and maintaining its colossal order of 106 wide body airframes.

So what does all this mean for airline recruitment over the coming years. It is estimated that the middle east will have to source approximately 5000 pilots alone and as many as 20,000 cabin crew if they stand any chance of crewing their orders.

Australian based Jetstar, the low cost Asia Pacific offshoot of Qantas Airways has publicly announced that in 2010 alone it plans to recruit 180 pilots.

Where will these crew come from? Most pilots and engineers will be lured to the middle east from national carriers and the military with the promise of tax free income, company provided accommodation, substantial medical and schooling benefits and if that’s not enough, accelerated promotions.

Whilst aircrew and engineers punch holes in their keyboards updating their applications they should be aware that competition remains tough. Most of the giants of the industry have been dormant on the recruitment front following the turbulent and uncertainty of the previous financial years. This has led to an ever-growing pool of qualified applicants waiting in the wings.

But, does that mean that every qualified candidate is guaranteed a job? Not in today’s marketplace. With technical based interviews virtually a thing of the past applicants are now faced with the unfamiliar prospect of a behavioral based interview.

To the highly qualified but under prepared potential recruit breaking through the HR departments endless barrage of seemingly pointless questions has led many to a one-way ticket home pondering what went wrong.

Whilst the future is bright for aircrew and engineers alike it’s more than ever the case that the best prepared applicant receives the golden phone call.

Prepare well and the rewards will follow.

Flightdeck Consulting

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